Callum Greig
Licensed Mortgage Professional
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Community Involvement

Young children playing soccer with Callum in the backgroundGrowing up in Victoria, I was raised to give back to my community wherever possible. I was on the receiving end of the volunteerism our beautiful city is known for in the form of coaches who guided me in team sports, fundraised to support these same teams, and generally made sure I was on the right track.

As an active father of four, I have taken these values to heart and have continued the tradition of volunteerism in the community in the form of coaching soccer and softball, and fundraising for both the Canadian Cancer Society and BC Children's Hospital whenever possible.

A child taking a shot at a soccer goal as Callum offers guidanceIt's easy to give back to a community that gave me so much while growing up, and it's these values I work to instill in my own children.

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